"For thou hast said, My doctrine is pure, and I am clean in thine eyes."
~ Job 11:4

Primary Doctrines 

These are doctrines that are tied to one's salvation. This is the general standard one should go by: if one does not believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible, he is putting his trust in his own god, a Christ fashioned after his own image.

Eternal Security
Faith Alone (Biblical Repentance)
Believer's Baptism
The Trinity
Biblical Predestination
How were Old Testament saints saved?

Secondary Doctrines

While these are not salvific doctrines by default, they are still very important regardless and one should study up on these through the Scriptures to understand it better.

Reprobate Doctrine
Are Jews the chosen people of God? WIP
Biblical Hatred WIP
The Significance of the Law WIP
Theodicy (Why do bad things happen in this world?) WIP
How does God speak to us in our modern times? WIP
Biblical tongues WIP
When is drinking alcohol permitted? WIP
How old is the earth? WIP
When is the rapture Biblically speaking? WIP