IRC Client


Using our IRC network on an IRC client

Step 1: Download an IRC client for your computer or mobile
Some recommended IRC clients for PC include:
* Hexchat (Free)
* Konversation (Free)
* KiwiIRC (Web based, free)
* LimeChat (MacOS, free)
* Colloquy (MacOS, free)
* mIRC (paid)
* Textual (MacOS, paid)

For mobile there's IRCCloud (has premium but otherwise free for our purposes) or RevolutionIRC (free). I don't know much else but there's a lot out there.

Step 2: Connect to Ecclesia's network.
Your client should usually have it readily set. If not, manually connect it to, port 1611. Join channel #ecclesia if the settings allow you to or do it manually by typing /join #ecclesia.