An excellent gospel presentation site ready-to-go for anyone to read, even supporting multiple languages!

This is a related site to above for soul-winning resources app for IOS or Android is available to download!

Faithful Word App for IOS or Android is available to download!

Trinitarian Bible Society This shop sells non-corrupt Bibles (KJV) and even Bibles of same textual tradition in multiple languages A nice site that defends the traditional reading of the KJV vs modern Bibles Warning! This site is a bit sketchy and the schizophrenic layout may not be friendly to one's eyes, but in many places it has some interesting pages to read and some information can be helpful. I'm still a bit suspicious regarding who the webmaster David J. Stewart really is. Otherwise in some places, it has useful information and some good old fashioned preaching, but in some places, take it with a pinch of salt.

Dial-The-Truth Ministries This site does have interesting articles regarding the wicked influence of rock music and other dangerous music as well as good articles and exposes false modern Bibles amongst various other topics. However, it does have some issues such as being too pro-Israel and perhaps pre-trib rapture also, so like the above, take with a pinch of salt.


Other Church Links

Find a Local Church || Another Site

Warning: The second link has not been completely vetted to see if every church are Biblically sound. Only search for KJV and Soulwinning tags, and do not attend any Ruckmanite tags. Best way is to verify the church by visiting yourself.

Youtube Links

Matt Powell - Channel for learning creationist ideas
Math, Science, Greek - Pastor Steven Anderson's channel for learning interesting things
Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar - Nice material for creationist resources


Banned Preaching This site puts together notable banned NIFB preaching
All the Preaching This is a database collection of many NIFB preaching
That Preaching This is a database of NIFB sermons in a searchable list to find multiple sources where they may be hosted

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